Board Members

Dr. Wolfgang Ressmann– 1st Chairman

Dr. Wolfgang Ressmann studied political science and economy at the University of Mannheim, where he made his PhD degree too. He startet his career with working for members of the European and German parliament. He also worked as a town councillour in Neustadt/Weinstraße (Germany). He is also chairman of the "Bundesverband Bürgermedien" - the organisation of public-access in Germany. Since his university times he has been working with media - print, radio and TV. In the 80s Dr. Ressmann also worked on the international level, especially Eastern Europe and Latin America.


Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan – Vice-chairman from Armenia (Centre for Strategic Research)



Jama Abdifatah – Board member from Finland (ASDA)

Jama Abdifatah is the Director of Development and International Affairs of ASDA ry since 2005. He is responsible and in charge of all national and international activities related to culture, formal and informal education, media training and development cooperation projects. Jama Abdifatah holds Masters degree in Accounting and Industrial Management.


Andrea Keresztesi - Board member from Hungary (Sound-Picture Association)

Besides coordinating the work of the local and international volunteers, Andrea Keresztesi is also helping young people to improve their communication skills. Photography, video-shooting and editing, public speech trainings and several attention-raising activities are in her focus. She is often running media-literacy trainings for different age groups. Through her organization, she is also helping non-profit organisations to communicate their visions and activities to different target groups in an effective way.