Our Mission

European Youth4Media

network e.V.

We give young people voice through digital media


European Youth4Media Network e.V. is giving young people a voice through digital media. It is a European association of 52 organisations from 32 countries working in the field of community media and civil society.

The member organizations form the active European network of  communities, youth institutions, radio and TV stations as well as  culture- and media- centers, being places for communication and civic engagement. Together, the youngsters of the European partner institutions organize cross-border networks of youth media work. They promote political and intercultural dialogue by means of audiovisual media. We have a wide range of activities on local as well as on the European level. The main spheres of activities include:

Political and media education
The new informational technologies offer attractive means of communication which are effectively used in the process of intercultural learning and political education. Young people investigate political, cultural, social issues in public debates with politicians and experts. These debates are disseminated live via internet on www.youth4media.com. Extensive usage of modern dissemination tools allow to reach a wide public in Europe. A variety of themes are discussed and presented in films from the different national point of views thus promoting intercultural dialogue and exchange of opinions among young people.

Media training courses
We developed innovative media- pedagogical concepts of education and qualification in the field of ICT and new media, called MediaTrainer. Everyone can become a ‚produser’ (a term synthesising producers and users). Our training courses across Europe help young people to develop skills in effective use of ICT and new media. All training courses are supported by the e-learning. Participants can become web-TV reporters, new media journalist or even a
trainer. In the module ‚train the trainers’ they can acquire knowledge about methodologies for teaching media skills to children, young people, social workers, community media workers, NGO leaders, migrants and senior citizens.

Intercultural dialogue projects
Local and European events are broadcasted by our European team of youth web-TV reporters from all over Europe. Youth4media.com is independent from the state and disseminates products created by young people from the network. It features information about new member states, EU-related films, films concerning issues of antidiscrimination, tolerance and understanding in Europe. WebTV service allows to broadcast and stream live public debates, conferences and cultural events across the continent. Programs available at web-TV promote democratic values, intercultural understanding, raise awareness among the EU citizens, and
especially young people of the importance of intercultural dialogue in their daily life.

Training and exchange of experts of the youth media work
Media-pedagogical concepts connecting new media and political education are put into practice during regular trainings and seminars. These seminars offer new professional and mediation competences to multipliers and volunteers for their daily work with special emphasis on work with unprivileged youngsters. The participants learn how to develop and present political and intercultural themes to young people in their communities.

European awareness, advocacy for community media development in Europe
Members of the network are Eurodesk and Europe Direct service points. They offer all important information concerning the Youth in Action Programme and other European programmes. Network members strongly advocate for the creation and development of community media in Europe by initiating European conferences, direct efforts in local communities and establishing networks of media multipliers and youth TV reporters on the European level.


International youth cooperation
The network supports mobility of young people by organizing international youth media camps. Guided by trained multipliers, youngsters learn how to produce TV-reports, create short films, compose music, and run live TV broadcasts. Hands-on media work is a possibility for young people to express themselves in a creative way, to present their own world, to reflect the reality and to articulate their own interests. The products are disseminated widely via internet (www.youth4media.com) and via Open TV Channels in Europe.


Guiding principles

· Support and strengthening of political awareness, intercultural dialogue and communication

· Cooperation and coordination, networking, building structures

· Non-formal education

· Public relations, marketing, lobby work



· Strengthening, support and development of the European civil society

· Intercultural networking and participation

· European and international citizen media work



· Youth exchangesEducation of media trainers

· Exchange of professionals in the field of youth media work

· Qualification and education in the field of media competence conveyance

· Qualification of multipliers

· Development of methods, didactics, learning contents in the field of citizen media work

· Publication and dissemination of video, audio and web tv products

· Support of the discussion about relevant topics like tolerance, environment protection



· Youth institutions

· Radio and TV stations

· Culture and media institutions

· Non-Profit-Organisations, NGOs



Chairman: Dr. Wolfgang Ressmann (Germany)