A week full of creativity

Creative writing, board games, theater and more were the topics of the workshops organised by the Bennohaus. Participants from Germany, Italy, Poland and Greece where improving their media and artistic skills in order to use them in work with youth.

Between 25 and 29 January 2021 a Joint Staff Training (JST) for youth workers from different countries took place. The main aim of the meeting was to get to know how to use media and art as methods in work with youth with and without migration background. The training was organised by the Bennohaus in cooperation with partners from Italy (VITECO – elearning soultions), Poland (Polish Board Games) and Greece (National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”) in the frame of the project: MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS. Professionalization of Youth Workers. Integration of Migrants through Multi-Medial & Art-based Learning.

Because of the traveling restrictions and overall situation connected the pandemic of COVIV-19 the JST took place online. Each partner was responsible for one day of workshops. As Daria Jaranowska, the project coordinator admits, it was challenging: “We has a lot of doubts while organising this meeting. We supposed to teach people about creative methods, about art and media. The should receive a practical training from us. The question was – how to make it online? Thanks to some interactive tools and creative ideas of the trainers we’ve manage to provide interesting, content-full and entertaining meeting”.

During the 5-days training workshops on board games, photography, video making, creative writing, drawing and theater were run by diverse trainers. The Participants have not only improved their artistic skills but also were equipped with new methods on working with youth. What is important, all the workshops were run under the main topic of migration and work with people with and without migration background. Minoas Andriotis, a guest speaker, in his lecture about Community Organising for Equality in Germany said: “There is a great potential for the diverse migrant communities in Germany. With the help of the concept of Community Organising in combination with creative and activating methods they can improve their work and contribute to a living democracy”.


Das Projekt „MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS – Professionalization Of Youth Workers – Integration Of Migrants Through Multi-Medial & Art-Based Learning“ (MGM) des AKO wird im Rahmen des „Erasmus+“-Programms gefördert.

More about the project and its products you can find here: mygrant.world