4 Plus: Photography from Women’s Perspective

War is not like you think it is. This is the point that four Armenian women photographers want to show. That is why participants of our project decided to visit their organization called 4 Plus. The meeting was attended by blog, debate and video groups.

4 Plus is a group of Armenian women photographers who develop documentary photography and empower women in Armenia and not only.
These photographers are ‘committed to documenting social issues, violations of human rights and visualizing cultural particularities for many years’, as they say.

4 Plus was founded in 2012, current members are Anahit Hayrapetyan, Nazik Armenakyan, Nelli Shishmanyan and Piruza Khalapyan.

We had the pleasure to meet Nazik Armenakyan who is one of the co-founders of 4 Plus. She works internationally as a journalist has won several international awards.
Nazik Armenakyan told the project’s participants about the organization, its goals, their achievements.

She talked especially about the conflict region Karabakh. She said that the photographers from 4 Plus try to show the war of Karabakh from a completely different perspective. They take photos of civilians and their everyday life which shows that war is not ubiquitous. There are not everyday shootings. The work of these women reflects not only the lives of normal people but also Armenian culture in general in a creative and unordinary way.

Members of 4 Plus also accept suggestions of random people who come up with interesting ideas of photostories and if you are already working on a story you are welcome to submit them online on their website.