Digital Literacy in the Digitalised era: supporting teachers through a whole-school approach

Project: MeLDE – Digital Literacy in the Digitalised era: supporting teachers through a whole-school approach

Leader: University of Wolverhampton

Duration: September 2018 – August 2021

We live in a digitalised world. It influences every aspect of our lives. One of them are schools and educational facilities. Teachers, students and parents should receive proper support and guidelines in order to be active and responsible participants of the digitalisation process. Therefore, a project called Digital Literacy in the Digitalised era: supporting teachers through a whole-school approach (MeLDE) has been initiated.

The aims of MeLDE project are:

- development of relevant and high-quality skills and competences which are not often included in formal education,

- open education and innovative practices in the digital era, by offering open and free access to the tools to be developed both for participation in MeLDE programme and for online assessment and validation of the skills acquired,

- strengthening of teacher profiles through offering professional development course and educational pack to support teaching and learning of media literacy for digital citizenship. This will also be achieved through the information of evidence-based data, benchmarks and indicators built into the framework to be developed, and constant monitoring procedures to ensure acquisition of competences and skills. In addition, quality youth work is promoted through the new interactive material, as well as the assessment tool which will follow students’ progress.

The project promotes the following Erasmus + Sector Priorities:

- further strengthening key competences in school education (especially literacy, numeracy and digital) including common methodologies for introducing those competences in curricula, as well as for acquiring, delivering and assessing the learning outcomes of those curricula; promoting validation of non-formal and formal learning, and offering flexible and permeable learning pathways,

- introducing systematic approaches to, and opportunities for, the initial and continuous professional development of teachers, trainers and mentors in schools (transferable to other settings), with a focus on developing effective digital, open and innovative education and pedagogies.

Das Programme includes the following elements:

- comparative framework with details of the current situation in the partner countries, students’ and teachers’ needs, and benchmarks and indicators against which students’ learning will be assessed,

- an EDUCATIONAL PACK which will include (a) MeLDE TOOL BANK and (b) MeLDE ACADEMY – an UPSKILLING PROGRAMME for Teachers,

- ePLATFORM which will host: (a) TOOL BANK, (b) ACADEMY, (c) Forum and downloadable start-up pack,

- a TOOLKIT to support schools to develop their own ‘WHOLE SCHOOL APPROACH’;


The project is coordinated by the University of Wolverhampton in cooperation with organisations from Cyprus (Antenna, Emphasys), Germany (AKO) and Greece (Demokritos). MeLDE is supported by the Erasmus + programme.