DC4JOBS - Digital Competences for New Jobs: Young people (with fewer opportunities) fight unemployment

The rate of youth unemployment in the EU is at 16,6% - For this case several organisations teamed up to create DC4JOBS: A project which should help adolescents, who were not given the best education, finding jobs in a digital environment.

The German association Culture Goes Europe is leading the project ‘Digital Competences for new jobs: Young people (with fewer opportunities) fight unemployment - DC4JOBS’. The partner organisations are Emphasys Centre (Cyprus), Euroed (Romania), Clictic S.L. (Spain), Orge Municipality (Latvia), Breakthrough (Netherlands) and Bürgerhaus Bennohaus (Germany).

The motivation behind DC4JOBS is the increase of youth unemployment. Especially the countries of partners like Spain and Cyprus were struck by it. Digital skills are an important part in the professional world and without them, it can be hard to find the job. However, the target group are disadvantaged adolescents who came from other countries, like refugees or teenagers who had a difficult time in school.

To help them develop digital skills, every organisation contributes their expertise to create different tools for the project. The aim is to develop a tool which teenagers can use to receive an evaluation of their competences, so they can decide which of the upcoming workshops they want to visit to improve themselves.

Furthermore, there will be a badge system implemented so the participants can collect them as proof of their new knowledge. It should also motivate the users to keep going and collect as much badges as possible.

Intellectual Outputs of the DC4JOBS project:

Following results of intellectual work will be work out:

-      BENCHMARK SURVEY ON DIGITAL SKILLS-GAP: Identifying the digital needs for both Young People and the labour market in each partner country.

-      DC4JOBS SKILLS CHARTER: design the digital and related employability skills charter/framework with benchmarks/ indicators against which the DC4JOBS skills of young people will be initially assessed, upgraded and validated.

-      DC4JOBS ASSESSMENT TOOL: Design of the self-evaluation, identification of current skills, Stocktaking (Auditing) and final-assessment after upgrading of skills programme based on DC-SKILLS PLAN.

-      DC4JOBS PORTAL: Design of the online ONE-STOP-DC4JOBS-CENTRE which will include e-learning platform, e-Employment Data Bank with useful materials, resources etc. (In-depth analysis – presentation of templates – allocation of tasks – set deadlines)

-      DC4JOBS TOOL KIT: Design of learning modules, teaching guides and resources for the upskilling pathway programme of young people, as well as the essential guidelines to set up the ONE-STOP-SUPPORTCENTRE

-      DC4JOBS UPSKILLING PATHWAY PROGRAMME: Implementation, evaluation and validation of a targeted programme for the acquisition or up-skilling of the essential digital and employability skills for young people


The project is supported by the European Union's Erasmus + Programme under the Key Action 2.


Read more about the kick off meeting in Nikosia, Cyprus here: http://y4m.sargssyan.com/?p=889