Activating seniors! Project meeting in Romania

International partners of SASME met together to discuss the development and the future steps of their project. The meeting took place on 18-21.10.2017 in Timisoara, Romania.

The partners from Poland, Germany, Romania and Lithuania met for the 4th time to talk about the SASME project – Social Activation of Seniors through Media Education. Meeting in Timisoara was the opportunity to make the reflections after half time of the project. The most important issue was to discuss the working progress of Intellectual Outputs. Most of them, for example the learning program, educational films or the board game are almost ready, some translations are still to follow. For this reason, partners were summing up the results and setting up some deadlines. The project coordinator Joanna Zwolinska admits „By the end of 2017 we will be able to show to the public in Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Germany the whole SASME Program, comprising the tool-kit for trainers working with seniors to educate them how to organize and work in editorial office. We would like to share with NGOs the training methodology, educational movies and training modules. But what we appreciate the most is continuous work with seniors. Thanks to their engagement, the first edition of the European Senior Voice - the magazine created by seniors for seniors will be issued as well as the new board-game On the Way! for entertainment and education“.

The meeting in Timisoara let partners to discuss the dissamination and evaluation strategies. Organisations from Romania and Lithuania shared their ideas and asked the others to contribute. The leader of SASME project agreed to most of the proposals and informed about the financial conditions.

Transnational partners meeting in Timisoara was already the 4th meeting of the project. More about SASME project here:

Project SASME is implemented in the international consortium composed of organizations from Poland, Germany, Romania and Lithuania under ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.

Daria Jaranowska