Photo of the week 40.2017

Do you believe that places have spirits?

I’ve always wondered about place, people, and their relation with souls or spirits. Why we always keep connecting between people’s features and the places that they came from? Do you think it’s only because of geographic issues? Or because we find the reflection of the sun in their skin colours, or the magnificence of the Nile river in their spirits, or the toughness of the rocks in their hands, or the pureness of the air in their sad eyes, or the generosity of the trees in their attitudes?!

I’m not sure if a place affects people or people give the place from their spirits!
But I’m sure that “Aswan” - a small city in Egypt - is one of the most beautiful places not because it has tourist attractions, maybe other places have more, but also because I do believe that this city has a distinctive spirit.

Enjoy listing this song from “Mawal” traditional Egyptian music style about Egypt.
Music also has spirit!


Photo taken by:

Heba Raouf Salama