Fashion for cooking

During last few years cooking has become really popular. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a singer or an actor to be famous. It is enough when you know how to cook good and when you know how to present yourself.


Cooking shows appeard in the tv since it exists. Their purpose was to teach the viewrs how to prepare delisious and interesting dishes. They were needed because people were mostly basing on what they’ve learnt from their mothers or grandmas. There was no Internet where you could easily find the recipy. The flight tickets were too expensive to travel and get inspired through the other cooking styles. Standard, ordinary TV programs where the hosts were ‚just’ cooking were crutial. However, together with the development of the Internet and TV intself cooking shows changed also. "Cooking shows have taught us, changed us and changed with us. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, they have evolved to satisfy our yearning for quality, affordable, environmentally and health conscious, easy to prepare yet sophisticated food” (,8599,1898153,00.html).

We read, we watch, we try, we travel - we eat. There are planty of possibilities to get inspired or to learn new interesting recipies. We don’t even need a cookbook - because in the Internet it is faster - or even easier taking into consideration that most of the recipies have a instruction video included. Mainly because of that, it is not enough to produce a standard cooking show. The digitilised viewer needs more! We want to be entertained. In-studio audience, QR codes with recipies, crazy hosts, live bands and many more became to be a key to the success of the cooking show. Now, you don’t even need to invite a celebrity to your show because the chefs became already the stars. And when you have them in your show, it is half of your success. Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Olivier, Nigella Lawson from Uk, Tim Mälzer and Frank Rosin from Germany or Magda Gessler from Poland - are just some of the cooking VIPs. There are more chefs, who became popular not only because of their kitchen talent but also because of their charisma and especially a way, in which they presented the recipies on the screen (or better to say - a way in which they can sell their talent).

What is more, the good host/chef is not enough. There has to be an interesting/unique idea behind the show. Nowadays, the variety of cooking programs is huge. Most of the cases are based on a cooking as a challenge. Not only laymen counquer to get the tile of the best chef (MasterChef), but also restaurants (Mein Lokal Dein Lokal), or hotels (Hotel Hell). What's more, professional chefs are also examined (Kitchen Impossible). The one who cooks (no matter if proffessional or not) need to be really talented and have the nerves to work under the time pressure. Not only the taste of the whole dish counts, but also the taste of each single componente, of each single spoon - in the TV show The Taste judges evaluate a single spoon of the dish - without the possibility to try the whole dish.

It doesn’t matter if the program will be focused on cooking itself, on the recipies or on the VIP chef. No matter which format it will have, it has to be uiniqe and interesting. It has to enterntain us and by the way teach us how to cook. TV channels compete not only with each other but also with the Internet and us. Because it is not enought just to cook. And it does not matter how complicated the recipes are, or how inaccessible the products are or even how extrentic the hosts/chefs are, fashion for cooking will exist. Just like Kathleen Collins says in her book Watching What We Eat: The Evolution of Television Cooking Shows: „These shows prevail because everyone eats, knows something about food, and can relate to the endeavor” (,8599,1898153,00.html).





Daria Jaranowska