Kopytka - delicious and simple

Not rice, not potatoes, not pasta, not couscous - what you can use are kopytka. What is more, kopytka can be served as a main dish, or as a side dish. You can eat them with cheese, onion, bacon, mashrooms, or simply without anything. Polish kopytka could be compered to Italian gnocchi.

Kopytka is a Polish dish, which is made from potatoes, eggs and wheat flower. It is really easy to prepare them. Firstly, cook the potatoes in salty water. When they are cooled, mix them with eggs and flour. Divide the dough in smaller pieces. Each of them roll in a form of roller. Next, cut them in a characteristic form of romb. Those should be cooked in a salty boiling water. When tehy flow, they are ready. Kopytka can be also fried in a pan afterwards.

Even if the recipe for kopytka is really simple, it might be difficult to prepare good dough. It can’t be too soft, neither too hard. There are many tips, which can help in preparing proper and tasty dough.

  1. You shouldn’t make the dough too long. The longer you make it, the the more batter it becomes.
  2. Many people avoid eggs, whipotato flower. The second one will make the dough more elastic.
  3. You should cook the potatoes couple of hours before making the dough. Some people cook them even the day earlier.

The name kopytka translated directly from Polish means ‚little hooves’. It might sound strange but it has nothing to do with the meaning. It is connected to the shape of kopytka. They are similar to the shape of hooves of a little animal.

No matter how you make it and how you serve it, kopytka is a simple dish, which is tasty and have stayed for good in Polish houses. So don’t wait and try it by yourself.



Daria Jaranowska