Photo of the week 39.2017

Situated 2km away from the cost and 459 inhabitants, this Dutch village offers parks, camp sites and recreacional areas.


Nieuwvliet is a village in the Sluis municipality of the Zeeland province in The Netherlands. The Nieuwvliet Beach attracts tourists each year.

"Nieuwvliet’s main attraction is its beaches and sand dunes. There are a number of bike and walking trails along the beach and the dunes as well. Many tourists come to the village to camp and relax on the scenic beaches. Nieuwvliet is a quiet village with a tiny population. There are no skyscrapers or industrial areas. The peace and tranquility of this quiet area is what attracts tourists. There are only a few streets in town. On the main street of the village is a church, but it is closed. The Nieuwvliet Mill is still in use and was built in 1850. You can also explore the ruins of the Luteyn Mill from 1859. The Luteyn Mill is considered a national monument."




Photo: At sunset. Nieuwvliet, The Netherlands

Photo taken by Kristina Tönnis