Photo of the week 36.2017

"This is a part of my country and there are my mountains.

I have always appreciated it but never liked in the last years. However, when  I realized that these are my roots and there is no other place I could call Home with such a strong sense of belonging. I can fall in love with any place (art cities, rich in entertainment) but I always miss my little country.

Mountains for me have the same effect as mermaids for sailors... I love taking photos of them from distance (sometimes I stop my car, just look or I try to photograph them using my mobile phone or my Nikon). Climb to the top depends only on me, my legs, my breath. While coming to the top I enjoy the view of coloursand there is no such photo which could fully depict it.

And with my mountains starts also an adventure, I want to set myself a goal (I'm have a chronic insecurity) - in 2019 when I am 30 years old and I want to celebrate my birthday by reaching 30 peaks! Therefore, I have prepared a list of peaks I would like to reach, every lunch break I go to the mountains to prepare and exercise - always carrying my 1 kg Nikon reflex backpack."


Photo: Alpi Marittime top situated in Turin, Italy

Photo taken by Erica Basso