Polish architects in Aleppo

After the Second World War, architects from Poland were realizing ptojects all around the world. Many were working in Arabic countries, for instance Syria. In 1980's two Polish architects designed two facilities: Al Baath University in Homs and Olympic Sport Centre in Latakia. It seems that specialist from Poland might use their skills again and help to rebuild Syria now, where Syrian Civil War continues since 2011.


Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was totally destoryed after the Second World War. Depending on archives - photos, videos and architectural plans - Polish architects were able to reconstruct the city. One of Polish architects, Radosław Gajda, underlines:

Poland can offer knowledge and experience in reconstructing cities because during the war the whole historical ensembles were totally destroyed. Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań are somehow models of which steps should be understaken while talking about such big projects as reconstructing cities are.

During 41st session of the Committee of UNESCO World Heritage, which took place in Caracow, Poland (2-12 July, 2017), UNESCO asked Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for help in rebuilding Aleppo. Why? Because specialists from all around the world want to learn how Polish architects and historians were able to reconstruct Warsaw after the WW II. Aleppo - in the past economical capital of Syria, now after six years of Civil War - a city of ruins. Only after collecting enough of needed information and materials, planning of reconstructing Aleppo can start. In case of Poland's capital, such materials appeared to be priceless as Gajda adds; During summer practise, students were measuring the buildings and drawing thier exact architectural plans, elevations and details. And it has been preserved; walled up and survived the war. All those materials show how the most important historical buildings of Warsaw before the war looked like.

The example of Warsaw is the only in the world - a city which was reconstructed in a way it had been before the destruction. For Aleppo this example is a great opportunity to be an architectural pearl of Syria again. In 2018 a conference concerning reconstructing Aleppo will take place in Warsaw. Andrzej Duda - the President of Poland - during the opening of 41st session of the Committee of UNESCO World Heritage said:

Warsaw's Old Town is on UNESCO World Heritage List as an example of fighting for survival of cultural heritage. I believe that Polish experts will help rebuilding Aleppo.



1-3 - Ruins of Warsaw after the WWII

4-7 - Warsaw nowadays

8-10 - Aleppo before the war

11-14 - Aleppo nowadays

main photo - Golden Mall in Homs, Syria before and after the Syrian Civil War









Beata Jaranowska