International Sommerfest 2017

PEOPLE, NEIGHBOURS, FRIENDS - under this motto International Sommerfest 2017 took place in Münster, Germany on 1st June. Music and dances from all over the world, international cuisine and a program for children were offered in front of Schloss - the biggest castle in Münsterland.


International Sommerfest was, like always, free to enter for all the people. Two institutions from University of Münster, ASV - die Ausländische Studierendenvertretung (International Student Representation) and AStA - der Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss (General Student Committee) organised the event together in cooperation with international centre "Die Brücke".

This year the participants of the event could have seen Bulgarian, Palestinian, Latin American and oriental dances, and performances of three bands, Duo Marimba & Piano presenting world music with percussion instruments and piano, Irish Lavender's Blue and The Urban Turbans playing Balkan swing. All the performances were full of energy and positive vibrations. There was a group of people dancing right next to the stage to the Irish rhythms and after to balkan folk performed by Münster's band - The Urban Turbans - who undeniably was the star of this year's International Sommerfest. Of course, the organisers did not forget about the youngest. The program for children included: juggling and ramba zamba workshops, face painting and a bit of physical activities - kickers and trampoline.

Undeniably, the most desired place during the whole event were stalls with delicious international food. The variety of food offered during Münster's International Sommerfest was unbelievable. Everyone could have tried dishes for instance from Brazil, Palestine, Venezuela or Bulgaria had the possibility to feel like in a paradise of food - the place of delicious traditional cuisine from all around the world. The food stalls were indeed a source of knowledge about the countries which took part in International Sommerfest. They were not only offering cuisine but also traditional music form particular countries was played there. What's more, the people who were selling the food were wearing national clothes - colourful, figured and eye-catching.

International Sommerfest was a great opportunity for the citizens of Münster to realize how diversified the city is - full of cultures, personalities and stories. The most valuable thing about the event was that all the people who were came there where smiling, laughing, dancing and enjoying the celebration - together.



Beata Jaranowska