No, you can't try my glasses on!

By 2050 half of the world's population (4.8 billion people) will have to wear glasses. Why? Because of the development of technology, because we spend too much time looking at smartphone and computer screens and not enough time outside.

In 2010, 2 billion people suffered from myopia - short-sightedness. The calculation is simple: "thanks to" technology, the myopic population will be doubled. Those who wear the frames on their faces know it causes (pleasant, sometimes funny) struggle every single day. For those who have never worn glasses it might be difficult to understand or they would have never thought about particular situations. There are a few issues which you (no-glasses-person) have to realize and understand:

  1. Cold & hot. While drinking hot beverage or changing from cold environment to a hot one, my glasses steam up. I can't see a thing. And that's not funny, even if might look like.

  2. Not for entertainment. "Oh, you took off your glasses and how many fingers can you see now?" Really, I take the glasses off to clean them, not to do tricks.

  3. One of those days. Oh, how I wish to have wipers installed on my glasses during rainy weather!

  4. Seriously? "You look so better without your glasses"... (moment of silence) ... well, you look better when I have my glasses on!

  5. Double me. 3D glasses and sunglasses. Yes, I have to put second pair of glasses on the top of my own if I want to watch a 3D movie or fully enjoy the sunny weather.

  6. "Cheeeeese!" Let's take a photo. And then see reflection of the whole world in my glasses.

  7. Play with me. "Do you fancy going to the swimming pool?" No, I can't comfortably do sports. I wear my glasses.

  8. Siesta time. After a busy day it is so nice to just lay down on your sofa and relax on your pillow.. no, wait! My glasses!!!

  9. Really? "Can you see without your glasses?" Really? Do you really think I would be wearing them if I could see properly without them?

  10. How do I look like? When it's the time to change your frames and I am trying to pick new glasses but not being able to see how they look like on my face because I need glasses.

  11. Perfect fit. That moment when I want to clean my glasses but my t-shirt material is not the right one. Those who wear glasses just know which is the right one.

  12. Right or left? Visit at the doctor's.

  13. Silly me. That moment when I automatically push up my glasses when I don't have them on. Feeling like an idiot.

  14. NO, YOU CAN'T. The worst from the worst questions you can ask is "Can I try your glasses on?" Do you also ask people "Hey, can I try your bracelet on?" or "Oh, that's a beautiful necklace. Can I try it on?" My vision and my glasses are not fashion acessories.

Whether it is for short-sightedness or far-sightedness, glasses are a medical support for those who can't see properly and wearing them just for fashion seemd not to be right. Even if wearing glasses is an everyday struggle for their owners, they can't imagine life without them. Not only becuase they see better with the glasses on their noses but also because glasses are jazzy!




Beata Jaranowska