SASME and Münster

Seniors and media – under this motto the third meeting of the project 'Social activation of seniors through media education (SASME)' took place (28.05-03.06). This time it was a joint staff meeting in Münster, Germany. Participants from Romania, Lithuania, Germany and Poland were learning how to activate seniors and make media with them.


The leader of the project – Manko association from Poland developed the training program, which among others deals with work in citizen media, code of ethics for journalists, PR and sources of funds for a magazine. All of the topics will be supported by the instruction films, which can be used especially in the work with seniors.


Participants of the joint stuff meeting had also a chance to meet local seniors and organization who are related to seniors. First of all they talked to Seniorama – the editorial board of seniors working on tv magazine. The group explained how it all started and developed over 20 years. It was also crucial to meet the journalists of the Münsters’ Seniors Newspaper. One of the goals of the SASME project is establish an European edition of the Polish magazine ‘Glos Seniora – Senior Voice’. Comparing it with the German local newspaper was important in getting new ideas.


Except of the meeting with Seniorama and Munsters’ Senior Newspaper the participants visited also Klarastiftung – local centre for seniors and Integrationsrat – center of integration of the Municipality of Münster. Thanks to that the guests got to know the situation of seniors in Germany and get to know the ways of integrating them into the young society of Münster.


Joint Stuff meeting in Germany was also an opportunity to improve the game, which was created by one of the Polish partner and tested during the meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania. Participants suggested what still can be done better and tested the new levels of the game.


The meeting in Münster was organized by the AKO Bürgerhaus Bennohaus – a German partner of the project. 'Social activation of seniors through media educationproject is organized by the Manko Association from Poland together with partners from Germany (Bürgerhaus Bennohaus), Lithuania (Social Innovation Fund) and from Romania (Center for Promoting and Lifelong Learning).

Next international meetings for the organizers will take place in Romania. The final event will take place in Cracow, Poland in 2018.


The project is supported by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union.

You can find more information about the project here:




Daria Jaranowska