CultureLab in Münster

The leaders from CultureLAb project from Poland met together with their partners to talk about the strategies and the structure of the final products (e-book and e-learning platform for cultural educators). The meeting took place from 31st January to 3rd February 2017 in Münster, Germany.

It was already the second time when partners from Poland (Regional Tourist Organisation), Spain (International Youth Initiative Association) and Germany (AKO Bürgerhaus Bennohaus) met together to continue brainstorming about CultureLAB project. This time it was important to get to know the experts who will take part in the creation of the products. Culture, art, pedagogy and media are the main areas in which the experts of the project are engaged. ‘Meeting people who are involved in the work of museum or university was an interesting experience. I guess that their input will bring professionalism and diversity into the project’ – admits Arndt Selders – an expert from Germany.

It was also crucial to discuss the outcomes of CultureLAB and e-book and e-learning platform. The e-book which needs to be produced first – was a focus point of the meeting in Münster. First of all, the leader proposed the structure, secondly the partners discussed it and decided about particular tasks. Most of the parts were overtaken by the leader of the project. Organizations from Spain and Germany agreed to take care about the methodology and scenarios of the workshops, which are supposed to help culture educators in their daily work.

For the tourist organization from Lublin it was important to get to know the city of Münster (Münster and Lublin are the twin cities). Thanks to the host Bürgerhaus Bennohaus, the leaders of the project visited Rathaus (the Municipality of Münster) and had the chance to talk with the mayor in the historical room where the Westphalia Agreement was signed. Trip around the city with a guide ended the meeting and gave good impressions for the next stages of the project.

The aim of the CultureLAB project is to improve the competences of educators in the field of cultural education by using modern technology. The kick off meeting of the project took place at the beginning of January 2017 in Lublin, Poland.


Daria Jaranowska