Borys Klimchuk’s Cup

PROVISION on conducting of the “Borys Klimchuk’s Cup” – The International Mini-Football Tournament in Lutsk among the teams of the mass media workers.

Provision on conducting of the “Borys Klimchuk’s Cup” – The International Mini-Football Tournament in Lutsk among the teams of the mass media workers:

1. The goal and the tasks of the competition:

  • commemoration of the former head of the Volyn Regional Council,  Volyn Regional State Administration, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Lithuania and Azerbaijan, and also the co-organizer of various international sports forums among journalists;
  • popularization of mini-football as one of the accessible ways of healthy lifestyle;
  • the revivification of the amateur mini-football traditions where everyone plays on equal terms;
  • discovering and encouragement of the strongest teams of journalists,establishing creative contacts between mass media workers of different countries.

2. Date and venue of the competitions

The International mini-football tournament will take place on the 1st of April, 2017 in Luck, Ukraine, at the premises of the “Adrenalin City” entertainment centre (SC “Arena Sport”, Karbysheva str ., 1) or Regional Youth Sports School (Shevchenko str., 3).

3. Management of the competition

The organizers of the “Borys Klimchuk’s Cup” tournament are: NGO “Forum of Ukrainian Journalists in Volyn region”, Lutsk Sports Mass Media Association, the Association of Mini-Football in Volyn region, theDepartment of Youth and Sports of Volyn Regional State Administration. The main jury is directly responsible for the actual conducting of the competition.

4. The participants, the schedule and the nature of the competition

Teams consisting of 12 players who work in the mass media are allowed to participate in the tournament. They should have been working in this domain at least for three (3) months. Each participant must have a document of identity, proof of employment or a certificate confirming the job position.

The team is allowed to have not more than 2 participants under the age of 30 (1987 y. of b.), not more than 4 participants under the age of 45 years (1972 y. of b.) and 4 participants aged 45 years and older. The participants who have limitations in physical and sports activity because of the health reasons are not allowed to compete.

The participants who are under the effect of drugs or alcohol are not allowed to compete. Violations of the rules listed in para. 4 are  punishable by disqualification of the participant or of the team, and  the results will be canceled. All participants of the competition are recommended to have a uniform, sports shoes, rackets and other personal equipment.

Competitions are held according to the existing (simplified) sports rules. Each of the alleged participants is allowed to compete in any part of the competition program, if they don’t take place simultaneously.

The following teams of mass media workers are invited to participate in the “Borys Klimchuk’s Cup” International Mini-Football Tournament: the team of Lutsk journalists, the team of Kyiv journalists, the team ofVilnius journalists (Lithuania), the team of Baku journalists (Azerbaijan), the team of Minsk journalists (Belarus). ATO team members and volunteers in Lutsk have the right to take part out of competition.

Each team must consist of 12 people, including the coach-representative. In the mini-football match 4 (5) players and a goalkeeper should compete, in other sports (table tennis, darts and arm-wrestling) – only one person. The age of participants is unlimited, but they should all be adults.

5. Safety and preparation of training venues

According to the Provision about the procedure of preparing the sports facilities and other designated places for mass sports and cultural events approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (December 18, 1998 № 2025) the training and proper technical condition of sports facilities is in the responsibility of their owners.

Events are held only in the sports facilities taken into operation by committees that monitor the state of sports facilities, referee’s board, with the strict sticking to the current standards and exploitation rules, technical standards, rules of conducting of sports competitions, rules of participants’ and spectators’ behaving, fire safety rules and other regulatory acts.

The working commission is responsible for monitoring of the preparation of sports facilities and providing of safety during the competition. The experts and representatives of the organizers, owners of sports facilities and other interested institutions and organizations represent the commission.

At least 4 hours before the competition the owner of the sports facilities must submit an act to the working committee, which determinesthe readiness of facilities to the event.

The failure to fulfill the requirements set out in this Provision, which led to emergency cases during the activities entail responsibilitystipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

6. Medical securing of the competition

Qualified medical staff is engaged in medical securing of the competition. The presence of a sports doctor is mandatory for competitions at all levels. This doctor is part of the referee’s board as the assistant of the chief judge. All his decisions within his competence are obligatory for participants, judges, and the organizers of the competition. The doctor should present the plan of medical securing of the competition and report on their completion to the organizing committee or referee’s board.

The organizers recommend providing each participant with the individual insurance certificates.

7. Financial expenses

General management and the covering of expenses connected to the competition, is provided by the NGO “Forum of Ukrainian Journalists in Volyn region”. The NGO “Forum of Ukrainian Journalists in Volyn region” will supply participants with accommodation and meals drawing sponsors, it will also provide payment for the judges of the competition, medical staff and awarding the winners and participants of the “Borys Klimchuk’sCup” International Mini-Football Tournament among the teams of mass media workers.

8. Registration
Preliminary applications for participation in the “Borys Klimchuk’s Cup” International Mini-Football Tournament must be submitted to the organizing committee of the competition by the 17 of March 2017 or by e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

9. Awarding
The (participant)-winner-teams will receive: for the 1st place – challenge “Borys Klimchuk’s Cup” which is given to a representative of the winner-team with the engraved inscription of the winner-team’s name.On the next “Borys Klimchuk’s Cup” Tournament the winner- team must provide the Cup for awarding a new winner. 2-3 places are awarded with certificates and diplomas.
This Provision is an official invitation to the competition!

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