Müns-Müns-Müns Münster

Our journey with a flight started from İstanbul to Düsseldorf. We were entering a new adventure. Thanks to systematical transportation networks and comprehensible signs in train stations, we easily arrived in Münster. We started feeling local features of the city since the first minute of our arrival. There were hundreds or more than a thousand bicycles in bike stand right next to train station. Münster was totally a nature-friendly city.

The place where we were staying, was offering peaceful conditions for us. Away from traffic, noises etc., our daily lives experienced relaxing atmosphere there. Due to short distance between our houses and the place where we were conducting the project, we were always walking. Bürgerhaus Bennohaus where we were conducting the project, have located right next to the river that the ships go through there. While the project coordinators were working on project documents and the implementation of the project throughout the week, the participants were having experiences and knowledge about media and social media by using different methods.

Thanks to healthful restoration models which have been common in Europe, Münster was modernized while its old special features were protected. Most attractive parts of the city became “old city” and enclosing walking area for the participants.

I should not miss a point here. This point was constructed by the energy and cheer of the participants and coordinators. It was worth watching the harmony of different people in this project. I cannot forget the moments that I incredibly enjoyed being there thanks to these people. When I write the words like: good, organic, right in the middle and Müns-Müns-Müns Münster, it may sound meaningless for you but if these people see the words, they will laugh again. While the themes of our project have been digital inclusion, civil society dialogue, lifelong learning and media literacy, “enjoying small things” became one of the themes of our project.

Again, thanks for all efforts by the participants and coordinators. Reaching the goals of the project made us happy. Now, we want to see other people who have not involved in our projects, with us within our projects. Adios, görüşürüz, tschüss, γεια χαρά, cześć, lát.


Barış Can Sever
Youthart Project Coordinator