Culture Lab - Innovative Training Programme of Cultural Educator

Partner organisations from Poland (Regional Tourist Organisation Lublin), Germany (AKO Bürgerhaus Bennohaus) and Spain (International Youth Initiative) have been cooperating for the past three months to create strategic partnership. Partners found similar realities and problems: LACK OR INSUFFICIENT COMPETENCES OF EDUCATORS IN THE FIELD OF THE CULTURAL EDUCATION USING MODERN TECHNOLOGY.

To resolve that problem will be established 8-person team of international experts (min. 2 years of experience). As the experts will be involved the following persons: teaching methodologists, ICT specialists, representatives of cultural institutions, the tourism industry, teachers ang., intercultural communication trainers, specialists in the development of educational / training. The answer is to create an innovative program of education and support for educators.

Following results of intellectual work will be work out:

• E-book „EUROPEAN TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR CULTURAL EDUCATORS” – It will include program of workshops, detailed description of the methodology, workshops scenario, sample exercises, self-assessment questionnaires, evaluation tools, and self-evaluation (self-observation participant in the learning process).

• MULTIMEDIA-LEARNING COURSE „EDU-KULTURA” available on the MOODLE platform. Multimedia will constitute a coherent course designed to or individual work educators. They will be able to raise competence in teaching adults. It will include following elements: educational videos, instructional videos, podcasts, articles, quizzes, flashcards on-line and other resources. In addition, the platform will create a forum for users to exchange experiennces and discussions. These results will be widely disseminated and available on the platform Moodle for all concerned.

The programme will be based on the innovative working method „CULTURE LAB”, which will combine concept of media lab (using modern tools and ICT) and Intercultural Coaching (helpful in the process of noticing and understanding of cultural differences). The innovative method allows for creative problem solving. Method will be applied during the implementation of the project on the following phases: project management, the work of the expert group, educators training dissemination.

-Building the partnership between the institutions participating in the project;
-Promote the idea of partnership by providing information about the project and its results;
- increased knowledge about cooperation with adults and for adults;
- Exchange of experience and the use of practical achievements;
- Allowing educators to work in international group;
- implementing and testing of INNOVATIVE PROGRAM

- development of tools to work with adults (surveys, workshops scenario);
-building a on-line platform,
-sending out a program of workshops for institutions working with adults from the area of partner countries (a total of 120 institutions);
- making developed results available on partners' websites and on the free pages in the EU (min. 10 websites);

3 partnership organisations,
30 educators,
8 experts,
Minimum 90 users of MOODLE platform,
Minimum 150 participants of dissemination conferences,
Minimum 120 organisations operating in the field of adult education
60 adults – participants of workshops in each partnership country

• 4 Project staff meetings (2 meetings also involve experts)
• 3 dissemination conferences (1 in each)
• minimum dissemination
6 workshops (2 in each country)

Beneficiaries of disseminating activities will be mostly institutions and employees from partnership countries and Europe, which operate mainly in the field of adult education, arts and culture, media, ICT; centres of cultural information, training companies, educational institutions, educators, freelancers.


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