Reaching out to Europe. Reviewing a Revolution.

Three years of Euromaidan, three years of Ukrainian Revolution and extensive nationwide upheaval. Evidently. Three years of crisis and war. Maybe. But  three years of progress? Trying to get hold on the Revolution's current state and outcome, we have produced a ten-minute radio report about Ukraine's difficult strive for the EU.

What started the Revolution? Who started it and why? Who is still fighting the unarmed fight for piece and democracy? Why are you, me and everyone of us responsible for whatever Euromaidan will become from now on? Are we?!

One week of research, debate and interviews revealed: The given answers highly depend on whom you are talking to. Of course they do. To make sense out of seemingly random personal opinions and information, we needed to reorganize them. We dug and dug for the bigger picture.

Creating a mosaic of voices and sounds, we painted a picture as clear and various as possible. We spoke to human rights activists, students, journalist and other observers. Men and Women. Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians. Younger and rather middle-aged people.

Why we made it for the radio? Because half of our story is on you. It's shared effort - just like Ukraine and the EU reaching out for each other.

This radio report was produced during the project: 'Citizen Journalism and Digital Media Dialogue for Social Participation'. The project is supported by the European Union's Erasmus+ Programme.