You are beautiful

A friend of mine was visiting me in Münster and I found this exhibition by accident.

I thought "why not going to the Dominikanerkirche and see those extraordinary photographs?". So we did. We went there and it was the best thing I could possibly have done while my friend was in my city...! We were amazed with the number of people who also decided to join the opening vernissage of Schönling.DasProjekt. I couldn't even see all of the photographs because the church was full of visitors. The organisers Lisa Haalck and the photographer Ingrid Hagenhenrich gave speeches which not only touched my heart but also gave birth to an idea of doing a report about this project.


Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease which effects 1.4 million people in Germany but for many people is still unknown. Often the complete loss of hair is usually misinterpreted as a "cancer disease" or dismissed as a "purely cosmetic problem". The Schönlinge.DasProjekt is aimed to change that. Inja Polm, one of the models, told me during the interview "For me it was important to deal open with it and to show who I am. If I have hair or if I don't have hair".


The whole report is available here:

Beata Jaranowska