Media and seniors

An innovative educational programme for senior organisations – under this motto the kick off meeting of the project 'Social activation of seniors through media education' took place in Crakow, Poland from 14th till 15th November 2016. Partner organisations were discussing the future plans and the idea of active seniors.
A Polish association MANKO is running the project 'Social activation of seniors through media education', which has officilly started with the kick off meeting in Crakow. The partners from Germany (Bürgerhaus Bennohaus), Lithuania (Social Innovation Fund) and from Romania (Center for Promoting and Lifelong Learning) met together to get to know each other better and to plan the next two years of the project.
The project idea is based on the experience of Lead Partner MANKO Association. MANKO is engaged in shaping senioral policy and promotion of active ageining in Poland for a several years now. It has created Senior’s Voice Magazine and it also stands behind the idea of the Senior Card – a tool for promoting financial education of seniors as well as strenghtening cooperation and raising awareness of local community in favor of seniors. As the chairman of MANKO, Lukasz Salwarowski, admits: 'Nowadays, we are worse than African Culture which believes that the most important and wise men in the tribe are the oldest ones'.
Based on the activities of MANKO, the partners from Europe should also activate seniors from their own countries. Therefore, the international Senior's card will be created and the Senior's Voice magazine will get a European touch. Also a board game will be developed and produced. Thanks to the game, seniors will get to know more about the problems which they might have in the future and will learn how to solve them.
In order to help seniors creating an international magazine, a several of the instruction videos will be produced. To get more information about the Senior Card and the board game, meetings with the seniors will be organised on the national level.
Next international meetings for the organisers will take place in Lithuania, Germany and Romania. Final event will take place in Krakow, Poland in 2018.
The project is supported by the European Union's Erasmus + Programme.

Daria Jaranowska