Trip to Yam ha-Melah

Can you imagine such a place on Earth where you feel peaceful and your body regenerates itself? This place really exists - it is the Dead Sea.

The participants of Media Bridges for Diversity and Peace project visited The Dead Sea on 17th October 2016 and for all of them it was an extraordinary and unforgettable travel they have ever experienced so far.

The Dead Sea (Hebrew: Yam ha-Melah) is a salt lake located in the tectonic Jordan Rift Valley, on the border between Israel and Jordan. Israel has 15 hotels along the Dead Sea shore. Due to the high salinity (34.2%) there are no life forms expect some bacteria. What's really important is that you mustn't drink the water from there because it's dangerous to your lungs. Its water level is at the lowest point on the Earth - 420 metres. It is like a huge therapeutic pool with salt and oily water that pushes all the surface - preventing from drowning. The most common view is people adrifting on the surface of the water and reading a newspaper or a book.

"The photographs you can see online do not show at all how captivating the view of the Dead Sea is! I am amazed with this place! The weather is perfect - sunny and hot (39 degrees in the middle of October!), palm trees around and some green spots to sit and relax. Maybe I can give you a bit advice - you should put the healing mud from the bottom of the Dead Sea on your body and after enjoy soft skin." admits Minoas Adriotis one of the German participants.



Beata Jaranowska