Tool Fair X.

What happens if you take 129 youth workers, trainers, volunteers and project managers, and arrange a creative learning space for them in one of the most gorgeous training centres of Europe...?

Tool Fair is an annual event focusing on sharing of best practices in the field of education and youth work. This year, the event took place in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary. Participants from all over Europe and the surrounding regions (Causasus, Balkans, Middle East and North Africa) had the possibility to promote their educational tools and methods, such as: How to use improvisation theatre with disadvantaged youth? How to guide youngsters by coaching techniques? How to carry out an enjoyable follow-up activity after training courses or seminars for young people?

Between the workshops, participants had space and time to exchange their best practices and thoughts about the current challenges of youth work and being a youth worker. Guest speakers reminded us to the importance of ICT tools and the yet not that widely used gamification techniques. The conclusions of the workshops and the presentations were pictured by graphic facilitators. The event itself had a vivid social media coverage and provided an excellent opportunity to let those creative flows go.

According to one of the funny quotes of the event: „Creative minds always have been known to survive any kind of bad training.” (Anna Freud)

Well, this time, we did not simply survive... But we enjoyed it a lot! Thank you, Tool Fair X., for being such an inspiration!

Agnes Horvath


The event was funded by the Erasmus+ programme. / Thank you for the support of the German and the Hungarian National Agencies of Erasmus+ Youth. 

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