Y4M at the police station!

Dr. Joachim Musholt the Ist chairman of the European Youth4Media Network visited the police station in Kiev, Ukraine together with some participants of the CMIPD project. The chef of Kiev’s police General Oleksandr Tereshchuk invited them.

As the part of the Citizen Media for Intercultural and Political Dialogue Joachim Musholt and some participants talked about the role of police and media in Ukraine and Germany. All thanks to the invitation of General Oleksandr Tereshchuk who had a speech about reforms in the national police, new challenges of Ukrainian and world’s situation and ample possibilities of New Police in Kiev.

The Ist chairman of Youth4Media mentioned the positive image of police service in Germany and the role of media connected to security. He noticed that objective journalism in the process of information. The police work is possible just in case of independent and unbiased media, such media is a main goal of citizens.

Participants of the seminar were also acquainted of emergency service "102". Modern and high-tech system provides the highest results of quality and fast work of New Police. So, German guests noticed high level of organisation of patrol process in the capital of Ukraine. 'I am really impressed with the high technology at the police station in Kiev. I wish them all to continue they work and earn good money, because this is the good step to avoid corruption' says Joachim Musholt.

Olga Sukhomlyn