Call for young media makers interested in EVS in Macedonia

In order to create an important non-formal network of journalists around Europe, young writers, cameramen, photographers, video-editors, web-page editors and social media gurus from: Romania, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia are welcomed to apply for a short EVS position in Macedonia in the period 22 July – 31 August, 2015.

Mladiinfo International is inviting 30 young journalist students from 15 European countries to participate in the “Let’s Play Handball – Sport Reporting Volunteering” EVS Large Scale project. In 2015, Macedonia hosts the 17th European Women’s Youth Handball Championship. Within this project, we want to tackle the challenges of lack of interest among young people in sports and lack of professional training for young people during their studies. Therefor, the “Let’s Play Handball – Sport Reporting Volunteering” EVS Large Scale is an opportunity for 30 journalist students to spend 40 days in Macedonia (22 July – 31 August, 2015)and to go more deeply into journalism and multimedia, to produce articles and other multimedia contents that will document the course of the Women’s Youth Handball Championship.

All costs are covered! Apply until: 25 February 2015.

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