Pro Radio Timisoara

Pro Radio Timisoara is ment to improve the quality of civic life through better information. The NGO is covering the Western part of the country with editorial tasks and training facilities, working especially with students in their way to get better skills and knowledge.

It is a strategical issue based on the public service meaning of the main network Radio Timisoara is.

Editorial topics forms a basic pillar in the formation of public opinion here.

Inter-ethnic cooperation is one of the organization purposes, as well as interconectation of young people with adults for a strong and healthy society.

Regarding the position at the Eastern EU border (Timisoara is located near Romania's border with Hungary and Serbia), the Radio station offers obvious strategic task.

Pro Radio Timisoara Association is the NGO afiliated to the radio station itsfelf.

We have a very well organised information desk and we handle different type of information, reports, news and interviews. As a radio station arm in a very large University Campus we are dealing with an active youth field. The students are coming to our radio station for getting knowledge and we are giving them the opportunity for growing up strong and fit for the real life. We are doing many training sessions and team buildings and the results we have are very scientifically oriented. 

As part of a growing european youth network we are handling many specific issues and we are always fopcusing on putting the all togheter (if this might work in a way or another) to give a bigger picture to analise.

Youth 4 Media (for the young people to communicate each other and from the group inside to the other important sectors of society), Rainbow Radio (for migrants to cooperate with the main residence group), Acces Project (fo the common people to constantly know there is always a better way of living, working, surviving) are the main field of the battle we are strugling to win. And we will!

The trainers have previous European Projects experiences (such as Youth 4 Media, Rainbow Radio, Facebook Radio)

We are working for different local/regional/national/european companies and this gives us the power of dealing with different topics and tasks in the best possible way. Everything else can be arranged, learned, fixed. We are in good contact with many other radio station in the city, region, country, continent. world and we are always in position of mixing infomation, building a better informational background and a strong base for the grow.