The organization has a president, a vice president and an advisory board. “ERTOBA” has 7 active local volunteers and more than 157 members. The members receive a news letter about the activities regularly.

What We Are Doing?

Host volunteers;

Participate and arrange youth exchanges;

Participate and arrange training courses, seminars and contact meetings with other countries;

Our function is an informative, advisory and intermediary one;

We inform and educate the neighbour areas about the youth program;Give courses in leadership for young people;

Organize charity actions;

Give free English and computer course for socially disadavntaged part of youth;We have a regional network for organisations.

EVS Hosting organisation: We have already received 14 volunteers from different countries. They are working in a villige giving free English and computer course for socially disadvantaged part of children and young people and support the organization with local and international project management.

Trainings, CMS and Study Visits: we have taken part in more then 30 intercultural leadership educations. Arranged trainings, CMS and Study Visits.

We Organize Trainings On:

Human Rights Education

Conflict managment

Organizational managment

Project managment

Intercultural learning

Citizanship and democracy


Ertoba’s Aims

To cooperate with governmental, non-governmental, international and local organization, to study their aims, activities, problems.

To support the development of the joint projects.

To develop peace initiatives.

To protect Human Rights.

To support social and disadvantaged part of youth, disabled children, youth and orphans; study their problems.

To take practical measures in the prevention of drug abuse, alcoholism and other negative development.

To support youth exchanges.