Welcome to Münster! - Monday, first of December

A new edition of the projects "Team Up" and "EU Trainers" started at the Bürgerhaus Bennohaus of Münster (Germany). 

After the introduction of Arndt Selders, leader of International work, and Daria Jaranowska, leader of Youth4Media Network, our guest speaker Dionne Walker presented one of her films named "Tottanham Born" that is a story report of a young black man shot down by policeman. Afterwards, the participants were discussing about media and social issues, connecting it with the topic of the project: cultural diversity. 

In the afternoon group work continued. The participants of Grezgorz's group took turns in presenting one of the topics they learned the day before. In addition, they learnt about communication techniques and how to conduct a "perfect presentation". Furthermore the group members started to plane their film and chose a topic. To conclude they learnt camera and audio work, and how to run a storyboard.

The second group just started to practise everything about camera and technique. The leaders
of the group, Marco and Stefan, instructed in image design, perspectives, audio and light. The making of group recorded the first interviews.

After dinner everybody will take part in the intercultural evening. Participants will share specialties or typical things from their countries to represent their nation, a perfect situation to get to know each other and have a kind of cultural exchange.  

Laura Schlapper