We are Europe...

Employees and volunteers from the Bürgerhaus Bennohaus at the Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Nowy Sącz und Krynica

Young, aspiring people from all over Europe meet and discuss about the future of Europe – at the "9th Economic Forum of Young Leaders" in Nowy Sącz und Krynica in Poland. Every year over 250 participants from different NGOs, representatives of Economy, Science and Politics come together to exchange, debate and talk about global but also local topics.

Like every year, employees and volunteers from the European Youth4Media Network accompanied this event in cooperation with the polish partner-organisation Nowy Staw Foundation from Lublin, Poland. In addition to networking space, the Forum offered numerous presentations, open panel discussions to different topics, including unsolved problems and new chances of Europe, the controversial TTIP-agreement, integration and migration and also the growing conflict between the Ukraine and Russia according to the key-role of Europe and especially Germany in this crisis. It was remarkable that the young participants had the chance to propose and choose own topics, open therefore discussion rounds and finally present their results and open questions to the politicians and economists on stage.

"Here the guests on stage and the participants in the audience are equally important", told Anna Moskwa, one of the organisers of the Forum. The employees of Bennohaus produced a report about the Forum and took part in selected sessions and debates. Interviews with politicians, the organisation team and participants and also insights in the panel discussions give interesting impressions about the international meeting. At the "Economic Forum of Young Leaders" participation, international networking and the search of a pioneering future of Europe hand in hand with the young and upcoming generation of leaders from all over the world had absolute priority and was essence of this event. "We are Europe, everyone of us and not only the politicians in Brussels", explained Jan Figel, the vice-president of the national council from Slovakia. The report will soon be availiable on www.youth4media.com.

Tim Noetze