Shake Up Europe!

NGO management and journalism seminar in Nice Four days full of new experiences and impressions in Nice. Two members of Youth4Media joined the seminar in France.

Daria Jaranowska and Caroline Boos participated in a workshops of NGO management, recruitment of volunteers and journalism between 19 and 23rd of March. ‘Shake Up Europe’ was organized by Cafe Babel International - a European online magazine. An important part of the seminar was focused on new media such as facebook, twitter and youtube. Participants were also taking into consideration new less known sites on the Internet which can be used in the future to engage partners and volunteers. The questions like "How can you make your own projects popular in modern media? and "How to attract new volunteers via social media?" occupied participants from Shake Up Europe each day. 40 participants submitted proposals and sharedtheir own experiences. An exchange and dissemination of good and bad experiences was an important part of the seminar. Especially in terms of sustainability in nonprofit organizations general rules should be drawnup and carried into the various departments. For Youth4Media it was really important to learn how to spread its ideas through the Internet and making contact with all organizations which appeared in France. For the international cross-media platform which Youth4Media is planning to run, get in touch with online magazines were priceless. “In addition to the workshops, it was also really interesting to get to know people from different European countries. We also collected new ideas for public relations of Youth4Media.